High voltage rectifying diode for X-ray power supply

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       High voltage power supply of X-ray tube, also known as high voltage power supply of X-ray machine, high voltage power supply of X-ray tube and high voltage power supply of X-ray machine, are the key components of X-ray machine. They are a kind of relatively precise high voltage power supply, which can be divided into two parts: high voltage power supply and filament power supply. Filament power supply is used to heat the filament of X-ray tube. The high voltage output end of high voltage power supply is located at both ends of cathode filament and anode target, providing a high voltage The pressure electric field accelerates the active electrons on the filament to flow to the anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow. When the high-speed electron flow hits the atoms and the electrons on the peripheral orbit, freeing them and releasing energy, X-ray is generated. (from Baidu Encyclopedia)
      HVGT high voltage rectifier device introduces ESJC50-08 and MD8CP5 miniaturized X-ray power supply (X-ray) high voltage rectifier diodes, which can replace the foreign model of UX-FOB. Product features: high frequency, stable performance, low forward conduction voltage, small recovery time, small temperature attenuation; product is applicable to: X-ray security equipment, medical X-ray image power supply, flaw detection X-ray image power supply, etc.
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